Our Philosophy

We believe with great conviction that family is the center and beginning of everyone’s emotional, physical, spiritual and behavioral being. At Seventh Generation Christian Academy we see our role as assisting families, not replacing them. With parental assistance, our philosophy of education is to provide your child with a broad range of learning experiences that meet their developmental needs and promote a healthy view of themselves and the world in which they live.

We also believe that every child is a unique individual and we are committed to promoting each child’s physical, emotional, social and spiritual development. New concepts are introduced to each class with the realization that our students are all unique and mature differently. During our “Center Time” activity we cater to these small differences while reviewing concepts introduced through our curriculum. Our learning program is developmentally appropriate and fun.

The importance of our Enhancement Programs cannot be under stated. Sequential instruction in art, computers, a second language like Spanish and music dramatically increase the brain development and higher learning abilities of young children. Therefore, our programs are designed with a focus on education fundamentals and social skills utilizing songs, movement, games, stories and lots of FUN! Add our Christian teaching and your child will have a solid foundation for developing the body, soul and spirit into adulthood.

Our award winning curriculum in combination with our Enhancement Programs sets Seventh Generation Christian Academy a notch above other child development centers and preschools. Upon leaving our academy and entering kindergarten your child will be educationally, emotionally and spiritually advanced. We’re all about building future leaders.

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