Save and make money while passively generating extra income for
Seventh Generation Christian Academy.

Whether you’re an individual needing extra cash, a company desiring to improve
the bottom line or another nonprofit organization looking for new fundraising ideas,
all are eligible to participate.

This is how it works. Seventh Generation Christian Academy has partnered with a cash back shopping mall called Starvin’ The concept is very simple. When you
make a purchase at one of their retail stores you get cash back. You also save
money with their coupons codes and special offers. When you refer a friend and
they buy something you get a commission and when your friend refers a friend and
they buy something you get a commission.

Buy signing up through our special link our school will receive commissions
through your shopping and those you refer. This is a win-win situation. You
save and make money while financially supporting Seventh Generation Christian Academy.

For more information or to join click the Starvin’4Bargains banner.

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